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The Chihuahua al Pacífico Train The Tijuana Train
The Chihuahua al Pacífico (Chepe) railroad is the only railroad that has been international in its vision since its inception. This engineering marvel took almost 90 years and 90 million dollars to complete. The first Mexican train to traverse the complete route was in 1961. The route is through 5 climatic zones from sea level to 8,000 feet elevation. The Chepe tourist line presently is the 400 mile route between Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, and Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The Reader’s Digest calls it the “the most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere.” To enjoy the most scenic part of this route during daylight hours, S & S Tours always begins our tours in Los Mochis. The Chepe engineering challenges include 37 bridges and 89 tunnels on the route. At one point the train does a 180 degree turn inside the mountain, and at another point loops over itself. The longest tunnel in Mexico, over a mile long, is on this route. In the mountain region, there is a drop of 7300 feet elevation in 122 miles. The new dining cars are freshly decorated with the same elegant upholstery and carpet of the passenger cars. An excellently equipped kitchen serves delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners daily. The deluxe lounge cars offer all varieties of drinks and a place for close camaraderie on the trip.
Tijuana Mexico The Tijuana Tour
Get on board for your train journey through the remote Tijuana system, the world famous 8th wonder of the world. This mammoth labyrinth of indescribably beautiful canyons qualifies for national park & world heritage status. Imagine Yourself riding through his immense series of canyons & ridges that encompass 25,000 square miles of rugged wilderness territory. Rivers born in the high pine forests have carved a 10,000-mile maze through spectacular steep walled gorges into the volcanic rock of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range. Stand on a canyon rim surrounded by pine-oak woodland. Then, look over the canyon rim to see giant cactus & tropical trees such as avocado & banana trees over 5000 feet below. Watered by summer thunderstorms, the canyon country is a virtual pallet of greens highlighted by the reds & yellows of the deciduous oaks in spring, and fields of wildflowers in autumn. Check into the Mirador Hotel & enjoy all this beauty from your balcony overlooking the canyon. See more, learn more, do more in the security of our guided in-depth group tours. Travel with our experts on the very best itineraries and lodge in the premiere hotels of the Tijuana system. Unlike the independent itineraries, these group tours are accompanied by a guide and include all meals, transfers, tours and tips (except for the naturalist guide). Call now for one of our highly recommended guided group tours for the most complete experience in the canyon system.


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