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Green Angels in Mexico

The Green Angels are a government paid bilingual crew that patrol the toll roads throughout Mexico every day in green trucks, to help motorists on major highways, the Mexican Tourism Ministry operates a fleet of more than 275 pickup trucks, known as the Angeles Verdes, or Green Angels. The green Angels are similar to the AAA in the U.S. carrying tools and spare parts, looking for motorists in trouble. The Angeles Verdes will provide mechanical assistance, first aid, basic supplies, and towing. In addition They also have a communication network with different government offices and offer basic tourist information. They will fix or tow your vehicle for free, however if a part is required then you will have to pay for that. Even though the services are free tipping is extremely appreciated. If your vehicle breaks down, pull over to the side of the road and lift the hood to signal them. This is when saving your toll receipt will come in handy. Or you can call “060” (Mexico’s version of 911) ngels in Mexico

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